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Kandi Barbour Biography Photo Kandi Barbour Biography
Born: 4/25/1956
Aliases: Candi Barber, Andrea Beck, Kandi Barbeau, Candy Barbour, Kandy Barbour, Candi Barbour, Kandi Barber

Country of Origin: United States United States KS - Kansas
Place of Birth: Shawnee Mission, Kansas
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 162 cm - 5 feet and 4 inches
Weight: 50 kg - 110 lbs
Measurements: 35C-24-35
Shoe Size: 6
Winner of 2009 XCRO Show award: Hall Of Fame, Pioneers
2013 AVN Hall of Fame inductee
Died: January 25, 2012 San Fransisco

Striking brunette beauty Kandi Barbour was born Linda Jean Smith in 1956 in Shawnee Mission, Kansas. She grew up in a devout home in the Bible Belt. Kandi was discovered by photographer Diana Hardy in the 70s and first gained public recognition posing for various popular men's magazines in the mid 70s. Barbour started performing in explicit hardcore movies in her early 20s in 1978; she appeared in over 30 X-rated features altogether prior to her retirement from the adult film industry in 1984. Moreover, Kandi not only did loops and worked as an exotic dancer, but also both modeled in ads and appeared in TV commercials for the music company K-tel International. Barbour lived in both Los Angeles, California and Hawaii, where she worked at the famous Honolulu strip club Club Hubba Hubba. She was inducted into the XRCO Hall of Fame in 2009.

Kandi Barbour is a conundrum in classic porn. She went from being one of the most stunning women on the planet with an angelic face and tight body to a fat chick with one of the worst sets of tits in the industry. We have captured a pictorial history of Kandi Barbour with a little bit of both scenarios. You can see the hot, sensual, seductive Kandi as well as the older version with a trashy tattoo over her left boob and a pair of nipples that at times looked deformed. Regardless of your feelings about Kandi we are sure you will enjoy the photos below:

Luke is back:
Kandi Barbour aka Candy Barbour (Linda Jean Smith) grew up in either Atlanta or Shawnee Mission, Kansas.

"Shoulder length straight black hair," writes Pat Riley in his X-Rated Videotape Star Index. "Very pretty facially, medium tits, and soft plush body. Started in 1976 and stopped in 1984. Visible bodily deterioration over time. Not the same as Candi Barbo."

From the Excalibur Porn Star Mall: "Kandy Barbour was a sweet young brunette who starred in over 35 features between 1976 and 1984. She was a striking woman with a bright and cheery smile, a lovely, small-breasted figure, and a light, never-too-serious attitude to her work. Kandy's strength as a sexual performer was her believability -- she never came across as fake in the least, but seemed to always be genuinely into whatever wild sex act she was engaged in.

"Kandy was discovered by photographer Diana Hardy, and had appeared in virtually every mens' magazine by the mid-1970's. Before long, Kandy decided to try her hand at the just-budding porno industry. Like everything she did, Kandy jumped right in, never hesitating for a moment. She immediately made an impression on producers and fans alike, and the roles came pouring in.

"Kandy's stunning good looks and energetic sex scenes spiced up any film she appeared in, often stealing the show with her pure erotic glow. Kandy sexed in such classic adult films as "Sex Boat," "F," The Budding of Brie," and "Sizzle," and never failed to turn in a scorching, utterly arousing performance. She left the business in 1984in order to concentrate on her exotic dance routine, but Kandy's name still conjures up erotic memories in those who have caught her always enticing act. "

Kandi features in Josh Alan Friedman's book Tales of Times Square, where she appears angry with a fellow stripper. "Anna [Turner] explains how Kandi wanted the [Dire] Straits' lead guitarist, Mark Knopfler, for herself, over drummer Pick Withers… Kandi was unable to land Knopfler. When she later ran into Anna Turner at a party, Anna was with her boyfriend who…bore a striking resemblance to Knopfler…[which] accounted the southern belle's present mental anguish."

Friedman describes Kandi: "From the neck up, she has the loveliest face in all the porn parade; an angelic Barbie doll, perfect makeup coordination and waves of black hair that bounce over her eyes. But below the neck is an odd set of hooters that leave some in confusion as she treats the old boys with flashes of them by her second song. They're large, but with imprecise aureole borders, appearing to contain too much nipple tissue; although, granted, magazines do receive fan mail from staunch Barbour nipple aficionados."

At one point in her strip act, she stops cold and bellows for Melody Burlesk manager Al Kronish. She tells him she has period. "She holds her floppy maroon dress tight between her legs. After a minute of urgent, unheard deliberation, she's back in business, and finally strips, though she hides her puss with the dress."

According to http://www.sfo.com/~archjim/kandi.htm: Kandi grew up in a devout home in the Bible belt. The author says he dated her for years:

The next time I saw Linda was a picture of her called "Puffy" on a porn CD ROM. I saw the breasts and noticed they looked like Linda's, then looked at the face and realized it was Linda. At first I thought it was just a random shot, but I soon learned she was 'Kandi Barbour - Porn Star'! Thanks to the Internet I have seen several things written about her porn career, and it never ceases to amaze me. I can imagine some women having sex and their minds going to the limitless boundaries of their sexuality! I can imagine Linda having sex and her mind going, "Ba-duh, ba-duh, ba-duh!" A woman that bad in bed had become a porn star and men were and still are getting turned on by her? It was more hilarious than fiction! It was definitely for the bucks, drugs and booze because on her best day she wasn't into sex that much. It revealed much to me about the porn industry! Linda would have sex at the drop of a hat, but it was mostly out of seeking acceptance. Kandi Barbour fans should have been around San Francisco then! She was easy to get next to and the ultimate one-night stand! She had been dropped like a dirty pair of undies by more men than any woman I've ever known so she was accustomed to being dumped. Usually after the man tried to have a conversation with her.

I had first introduced Linda to porn movies while we were still in Kansas City, and would sometimes take her to the Mitchell Brothers Theater which was right down the street from where we lived here in San Francisco. Little did either of us realize that
someday she would be performing there. That must have been strange to her. I also took her to Alex DeRenzy's Screening Room to see a movie called "The History of the Blue Movie". That is only significant because the movie is about how to get into the porn movie industry, although it's more a thinly-veiled appeal for new talent. Years later my current dentist told me he worked his way through dental school as a projectionist at the Screening Room, which is just a part of San Francisco history now. It was closed several years ago. Small world, isn't it? I guess I inadvertently made a porn star out of Linda by exposing her to porn, but I didn't get her into the business.

I hope Linda is still alive and well. She had her good qualities too, and might have even made some man, or men, very happy. I've read she died of a drug overdose in 1986, but I also read she's retired and living in Hawaii, and she's still dancing somewhere in the Northeast, so I don't know anything for sure. It wouldn't surprise me if she did OD. She was not a very happy camper in life and talked about the bridge a lot when she and I were seeing each other. From different things I've read in the newsgroups, like her bad vaginal odor problem (according to contemporary porn star Brandy Alexandre, Linda is still talked about as the worst in the industry) and spending most of her income on medical tests...

Kandi Barbour, Classic Adult Star, Found Dead in San Francisco
By Mark Kernes
Feb 03rd, 2012 01:43 PM

SAN FRANCISCO—Kandi Barbour, star of such notable adult films as Screwples (Caballero Home Video, 1979), The Budding of Brie (VCA, 1980) and Neon Nights (Command Video, 1981), reportedly died in late January in San Francisco at age 55. She was reportedly homeless at the time.

When contacted by AVN, a representative from the San Francisco coroner’s office stated that nobody by the name Linda Jean Smith (Barbour's real name) had been found dead within the last week; however, he also indicated that attempts were being made by investigators to reach next of kin for an unnamed individual whom AVN believes could be Barbour, since at least one golden-age director had received a call from that office seeking information on Barbour's relatives. The spokesperson said that out of respect for the family, investigators must exhaust all possibilities for reaching next of kin before releasing any information about the individual.

Born in 1956 and originally from Kansas, Barbour was a popular actress during porn's golden age, appearing in 42 adult movies, several softcore releases and at least 20 hardcore compilations. The majority of her work appeared between 1978 and 1981, though she gave her final XXX performance in 1987 in X-Effect, directed by Ron Jeremy. She was perhaps best known as the poster girl for Cecil Howard's landmark '81 film, Neon Nights, which was named by AVN as one of the 101 greatest adult videos of all time.

According to the Rotten Tomatoes website, Barbour was first discovered by photographer Diana Hardy and had appeared in "virtually every men's magazine by the mid-1970s." Other sources say that she also appeared in several mainstream ads, notably for K-tel International, which sold compilations of popular music, and was rumored to have appeared in some mainstream TV series, including Magnum P.I., which was shot in Hawaii where Barbour lived for a time.

Barbour's other notable credits include Chuck Vincent's Bon Appetit (Video-X-Pix, 1980), Richard Mahler's Pink Ladies (VCA, 1980) and Warren Evans' Pandora's Mirror (Caballero, 1981). A complete list of her films can be found here.

In 2009, Barbour was inducted into the Pioneers branch of the X-Rated Critics Organization (XRCO) Hall of Fame.

"She never worked for me," said golden age director Carter Stevens, who said he had provided some information to the San Francisco Coroner's Office, "but it knocked me for a loop when I got that call. I guess they found me because I had written something about Kandi on the internet a couple of years ago. She lived in my house for a while when we had 'Carter's Home for Wayward Women.' She lived in my loft for about three months. I never charged her rent, but I did charge her a $200 deposit on telephone because she was the type who would literally call up California to find out what time it was there. She was just a bit scatterbrained. But also, she would walk around with thousands of dollars worth of uncashed checks in her purse. She did all this modeling work besides porn; she did a lot of work for advertisers like K-tel music, those TV commercials. She did a lot of modeling work because of her face, and she never cashed the checks until she needed money; then she'd reach in her purse and pull out a check and have somebody cash it for her."

According to Stevens, after leaving his house, Barbour lived with Stevens' production manager, Curt Cressler, for two years in Los Angeles.

"When I went out to California to make Tinseltown (1979), my apartment was across the courtyard from them," he recalled, "and so she used to come down and hang out with me a lot when I was home."

Attempts to contact Cressler for comment were unsuccessful.

"The last time I saw her—actually, my wife saw her—was in Hawaii," Stevens continued. "This goes back 22 years. She was living above the Club Hubba Hubba, which was a very famous strip club in Honolulu. She was living above the club and working there, and as my wife says, she had a drinking problem. She had gained a lot of weight and was living in a muumuu and never took it off. She did have some mental problems, even at that point. She had this dysmorphic body image. She had this thing about her nose being crooked; was always talking about having her nose fixed. There was of course nothing wrong with her nose."

Steve Morowitz of Distribpix, which owns several of Barbour's titles, including Sizzle and Centerfold Fever, was also taken aback at the news of her death.

"She was very striking," he recalled, "and out of a hundred classic porn stars, she's certainly one I could name without having to look at anything to refresh my memory. It's sad—it's always sad when we lose one of the classic performers."

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